Jorrit ten Berg has developed multidisciplinary expertise in recent years as an architect, spatial designer and jewellery designer. His love for drawing and building dates from his youngest years. He later obtained his Master of Architecture and gained experience at various architectural firms. In 2012 he started his own company.

Jorrit ten Berg realizes various projects, from interiors, furniture and jewellery. In all his designs, he goes back to the essence. Function and form merge into timeless design that is sober in shape and material. By playing with color, light and relationships, he creates an inspiring environments and objects in which people are central. In his eyes, an atmospheric spaces and objects require so much more than just a well thought-out visual concept: hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling also contribute to an optimal experience. His vision time and again results in practical, surprising, durable and modest solutions. Designed for today, with an eye on tomorrow.

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