In the new district Het Balkon in Maassluis there is a primary school of the same name for children aged 0-12 years. It is a contemporary school with an Art Deco look, but with its feet literally in this time: the column feet have an image from the current reading board. During design and realization there was intensive contact with teachers and management of the school and the childcare.

‘Kokon has designed a compact, community school in Maassluis, where the school and childcare have found a place in a new neighbourhood. The building is attractive and light and very pleasant to work and play in. Jorrit ten Berg has thought along with us as a creative partner throughout the process of ideas, elaboration of the collaboration and colours. We have experienced the cooperation as very pleasant and fruitful.” – Monique Vreeburg, director of the Maassluis Childcare Foundation

Design made during my employment at Kokon Architectuur en Stedenbouw B.V. Kokon design team: Cor Paauwe, Paul Strokap and Jorrit ten Berg.

photography: Luuk Kramer