This apartment complex with 105 owner-occupied homes is designed in a square around a colorful courtyard. It is a sleek design with a contemporary look: orange walls, white fences and beautiful masonry characterize the building. The houses are very light due to the large windows. The apartments vary in size from 38m2 to 99m2. From a compact one-room studio to a spacious four-room apartment. The assignment of the aesthetics committee and the municipality was that the color scheme of the building had to match the concrete flats in the immediate vicinity. It was therefore decided to use mixed grey-green brick and to add extra color to the inner facade.

Design made during my employment at Kokon Architectuur en Stedenbouw B.V. Design team Kokon: Cor Paauwe and Jorrit ten Berg

client: Witkampbouw, Almere
artist impressions: PROVISE, Almere